Application Architecture

Many organizations start with a limited number of service/product offerings. To keep up with the competition from evolving markets, organisations renew their products/services portfolios and grow to have complex and expensive application landscapes that are difficult to manage. Some organisations as a result of mergers or splits become confronted with application landscapes that are disparate, entangled and complex. Often, there is no good overview on which applications the organization owns, or, for example, what functionality those applications have and what they cost. Application portfolio management (APM) is a way to get back in control. We can help you analyse the benefits of implementing a continuous APM process in your organization, what its relation to enterprise architecture is, and how it fits into the overall business context. We provide insights into our comprehensive and pragmatic method of implementing such an APM process, tailored to the organizational needs.
We help CIOs make well informed decisions from a holistic perspective of business value, risks and alignment to strategic goals.
By implementing a continuous process that evaluates the application landscape against criteria that are important for the organization at hand, and that considers the life-cycle of applications we enable CIOs in well-informed decision making, taking more than simply costs into account and making investment decisions that lead in the direction of realizing the organizational long term vision.