Your Benefits

  • Retain control and management of your core processes.
  • Free up your existing resources, and use them for your core business expansion and innovation.
  • Significant cost savings, improve in your company margins and profitability.
  • Affordable pricing structure.
  • Compliance with local legislations and laws.
  • Retain control over your business with our partnership approach.
  • Shared risks and rewards.
  • Immediate access to a tailored pool of skilled and experienced professionals without the overhead of personnel management, hiring and liabilities.
  • Improved management of incidents occurring around the clock.


What we can do, for you

Our outsourcing services specializes in a variety of technologies and applications. From the design and implementation of your digital content to ERP selection, implementation and management, our in-depth knowledge about local business practices and laws allows us to devise the right plan for you. By blending a number of concepts and technology solutions, we create real value propositions that increase efficiency and lower costs.

Using our technical expertise and experience we work in close collaboration with your in-house team to ensure your core business needs and priorities are met.

MadibaCo offers value-based outsourcing solutions by successfully integrating your local business practices and laws, your people, processes and technology. Our unique outsourcing approach helps your company plan pro-actively for attrition of knowledge and skills. Ensure retention of business knowledge and important staff onsite and offsite with our bespoke outsourcing service, delivered using ITIL-best practices.

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