IT Training

IT Training

Madiba Consultants Ltd’s BPM services stand on a foundation built from generic enterprise architecture, IT governance and change management services.
They comprise of:


BPM strategy – services for developing a BPM strategy and roadmap that cover the entire range of business and IT operations, including the supporting business case, creation of acceptance within the organization, etc.


Process centric organization – services that focus on making an organization process-centric and customer-centric, and on the change management, enterprise architecture and other resources


Business process provisioning – execution of business processes
by Madiba Consultants Ltd


Process modelling & design – the design, modelling, simulation and validation of processes


Process monitoring & analysis – set up and execution of monitoring and analysis, based on KPIs, management reports, etc.

IT landscape process enabling & integration
– transformation of the IT landscape, for example, to a service-centric architecture, including integration of the IT systems and the business processes


Process support & IT execution – provision of IT support for business processes, including management and maintenance of IT systems