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We do not need to convince you that enterprise architecture is useful and important.

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Enterprise Architecture Management

We do not need to convince you that enterprise architecture is useful and important. But how do you judge the effectiveness of your EA capability and the value of its results? MadibaCo offers a number of assessments that can provide you with the insight needed for the next step in developing your EA capability.


Our assessments consist of a series of structured interviews with stakeholders such as business managers and other users of architecture information, combined with an evaluation of relevant architecture results. We use our expert knowledge and assessment instruments to analyze this input and create meaningful reports and recommendations.


These assessments provide an independent review of your architecture capability’s effectiveness and results. This is often difficult to do ‘from the inside’. 

Our extensive experience and broad knowledge of the architecture practice can provide you with insights that are hard to obtain on your own. Our assessments have been developed in cooperation with our partners from academia, ensuring you well-founded, independent and objective results.

Types of assessments

Capability quick scan

For a fast overview of your EA maturity

Realization assessment

To assess whether your EA outcomes really help to achieve your organization’s goals

Value assessment

To determine the real and perceived value of your enterprise architecture



The outcomes of the interviews and evaluations are aggregated using our analysis instruments, to provide you with a clear and well-defined overview of assessments and recommendations. We provide you with a report offering

Your relevant insights and concrete advice on:
  • The strengths and weaknesses of your architecture capability and its products.

  • Ways to increase the business value that your architecture capability provides.

  • The most urgent and valuable steps you can take.

These assessments offer an objective and independent view from the ‘outside’. They help you in defining and justifying a course for action, to improve the of your EA capability.