Business Process Management

Successful business requires a clear perspective on processes, performance and customer expectations.

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What we can do, for you


Madiba Consultants Ltd supplies a full range of BPM services, from strategy definition and execution, to management and operations. It can support organizations with.

  • Restructuring the business along process lines Designing.

  • Designing, modeling, improving and implementing processes. 

  • Designing, creating and managing an IT landscape oriented towards processes and service


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BPM strategy

Services for developing a BPM strategy and roadmap that cover the entire range of business and IT operations, including the supporting business case, creation of acceptance within the organization, etc.

Process centric organization

Services that focus on making an organization process-centric and customer-centric, and on the change management, enterprise architecture and other resources

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Business process provisioning


Process modelling & design

BPM is a key initiative of Madiba Consultants Ltd and the company has already deployed BPM solutions with customers worldwide.

We improve process control by mapping processes, appointing process owners, decomposing key processes into tasks, allocating process and task SLAs and working with KPIs.

MadibaCo comprises a team of experienced consultants with a passion for designing, improving and innovating processes. Our local team plus global partner network apply their local business context knowledge, proven expertise, guidance & technical support to effect your organizational change initiatives. Along with our focus on delivering value, we also pay attention to your staff professionalism and customer centric focus. Our goal is to introduce, communicate and impart our knowledge within your company as broadly and effectively as possible. We often combine consulting with a training component.
Organization achievements 
  • Total Quality Management: quantitative management & continuous improvement

  • Management of process domains, defining goals and benefits, implementing best practices

  • Organizational Change and Development: cultural evolution, organizational learning and change management

  1. Integrate improvement framework.

  2. Extend process maturity benefits to every business process.

  3. Reduce billing errors Increase flexibility and agility in the organization.

  4. Improve and change the company in a structural way.

  5. Achieve cost reductions Recognition for efficiency.