About Us

About Us

MadibaCo (Madiba Consultants Limited) is a consultancy formed in January 2014 with the primary objective of providing business and IT assistance to businesses and organisations in the CEMAC (The Economic and Monetary Community of Central Africa) region during this critical period of technological and economic development in the economic community. The spread of internet connectivity, increase in income levels, markets opening and political and economic legislation compel businesses and organisations to realign and structure their business strategy and marketing strategy.

At MadibaCo Ltd, we are armed with an insider knowledge of the people, culture, legislation and business within the CEMAC region, to provide tailor made Information Technology solutions for the industries in the CEMAC community. We employ a diverse mix of business, data, information and technical consultants to provide businesses and organisations with the best fit solutions for their IT strategies, initiatives, programmes and projects.


We recognise the economic and human potential within this region and the key-role Information Technology plays in releasing this potential and bringing about development. MadibaCo Ltd seeks to provide local solutions in bridging the divide between business and Information Technology.

MadibaCo, seeks to address these issues within the context of the local communities bearing in mind the international legislation like the OHADA treaty.
With global experience across industries like banking, insurance, retail and telecommunications, MadibaCo has a network of seasoned consultants in business process management, enterprise architecture and transformation management. MadibaCo offers this pool of knowledge and experience is to CxOs, business owners and governments to help define, plan and implement IT strategies that align with the long term business strategies they are being pushed to make.

As the Douala people of Cameroon would say it, "Paï ô Madiba", which means, "Let us get into action".

To enquire about any of our services and find out how MadibaCo can assist you in your growth, call us today on +237 33 83 29 37 or email us here.